Holistic Treatments

Find peace and relaxation at Serenity Spa, with a range of soothing holistic treatments to relieve tension and improve your sense of well-being. 

Indian Head Massage (€85) 45 mins

A concentrated massage of head, neck and shoulders offering the areas that hold the greatest amount of tension, deep relaxation.  This therapy allows pure relaxation, creating a general feeling of wellbeing and is performed using traditional techniques. 

Hopi Ear-Candling (€75) 45 minutes 

A Shamanic cleansing technique that produces a revitalising heat which soothes relaxes and helps to relieve stress.  This treatment is completed with a relaxing pressure point massage. 

Holistic Due (€100) 1 Hour 15 minutes

This is the most calming blend of holstic treatments, beginning with an Indian Head Massage to relieve tension in the neck, shoulders and head followed by Hopi Ear Candling which provides revitalising warmth to soothe, relax and help relieve stress. 

Reflexology (€70) 1 Hour 

An ancient pressure point therapy concentrating on reflexes located on the feet. This technique assists the body's natural healing process and relaxes both mind and body. 

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Feel refreshed and relaxed with a range of holistic treatments on offer at the Carrickdale's Serenity Spa. 

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